Human Security and Parliament

This webinar will discuss how parliaments can incorporate the Human Security Approach into their work, making it a valuable resource for those seeking to foster peace, stability, and sustainable development in an increasingly interconnected world. Read more

Science for Human Security

The webinar will introduce biohydrogen, its production and uses. It will then focus on some specific pathways for producing hydrogen for potential energy use. Read more

Implementing Human Security

This webinar aimed to identify new directions for scientific and evidence-based approaches to Human Security. Read more

Technology & Human Security

The inaugural webinar in our Human Security series was held, offering an introduction to the concerns of the Academy’s founders regarding the impact of knowledge and technology. Read more


EarthX is the world’s largest environmental gathering, convening heads of industry, thought leaders, investors, innovators, researchers, policymakers and the everyday global citizen. This year’s event was held on April 19-24, 2023 in Dallas, Texas. Read more

Education for Human Security

The 6th International Conference on Future Education was held online on March 7-9, 2023. Leading educators and policy-makers discussed on the central importance of the United Nation’s Human Security Approach as an integrating framework for educational reform. Read more

Technological Innovations for Human Security:  HS4A at CES2023

Human Security for All (HS4A) was the central theme of the CES 2023, held in Las Vegas, USA on 5-8 January 2023. Consumer Technology Association (CTA) promoted innovative solutions by businesses to address global human security issues. Read more

Human Security, Democracy and Economics: What´s next?

This conference focused on the theme of Human Security, highlighting the problems related to democracy and the economy in the present and the coming years. This 3-day conference was held in English, Portuguese or Spanish. Read more

Milan Design Week With Artist Maria Cristina Finucci

The HS4A campaign proudly collaborates with artist Maria Cristina Finucci at the Milan Design Week “Fuori Salone” to present a luminous installation on the theme of water: H2O HELP. Read more

Role of Religion & Faith-Based Organizations in International Affairs

The 2023 Annual Symposium focused on the issue of human security, including the intersections of human security with sustainable development, durable peace, and gender justice. Read more