International Conference on Education for Human Security

March 7-9, 2023

This conference examined the relevance and applicability of the human security approach to different fields of higher education. It sought to generate awareness and initiate active discussion among educators and universities on the central importance of the Human Security Approach as an integral component of higher education.

This conference was conducted in support of HS4A, a global campaign to generate awareness and elicit active support and participation from all major sectors and sections of global society in an unprecedented effort to release and mobilize the untapped energies and capacities of humanity in pursuit of human security for all.

Conference Videos – Mar 7, 2023

Introduction: Role of Education for Human Security

Irina Bokova

Director General, UNESCO (2009-2017)

Inaugural Session

Intl. Education in Human Security & Value of Multilateralism

The Voice of Youth

Health Education for Human Security

Education on Existential Risks to Human Security

Economics Education for Human Security

Anthropological Methods for a Resilient Future

Business Education for Human Security

Intergenerational Leadership and the Future of Education

Conference Videos – Mar 8, 2023

Contributions of Basic Sciences to Education for Human Security

Education for Human Security in the Context of Regional Conflicts

Innovative Technology & Pedagogy for Education in Human Security

Climate Education for Human Security

Education on Technology for Human Security

Youth-led Knowledge, Education for Climate Change & HS

Business Education for Human Security

Education for Human Security

A New Paradigm Of Education For HS – Models For Innovation

Conference Videos – Mar 9, 2023

Education in Citizenship & Public Participation for Human Security

Transdisciplinary Perspectives for Human Security

Education to Promote ESGs & SDGs for Human Security

Education in the Arts for Human Security

Legal Education for Human Security

Diverse Perspectives on Education for Human Security

The Humanistic Approach