List of Speakers

  1. Azeez ABUBAKAR, UN Youth delegate; Founder, The Climate Education Initiative Project 2021/2022
  2. Syed Sultan AHMED, Managing Director & Chief Learner at LXL Ideas
  3. Andaleeb ALAM, Policy Specialist, Foresight & Policy, UNICEF
  4. Giulio AMMANNATO, Staff member, IACP and Trauma Informed Care Best Practices Project
  5. Bryan ALEXANDER, Senior scholar, Georgetown University; Creator, The Future of Higher Education Observatory
  6. Marwa ALKHAIRO, International Development Expert, specializing in Youth and Community Development
  7. Luci ATTALA, Director, UNESCO-BRIDGES UK Hub; Senior Lecturer in Anthropology, University of Wales
  8. Kehkashan BASU, M.S.M. UN Human Rights Champion; Founder-President, Green Hope Foundation; JFWAAS
  9. Margalit BERRIET, Founder Director of Mémoire de l’Avenir
  10. Selma BICHBICH, Social and Climate Youth Activist; Human Rights CP, YOUNGO; UNEPMGCY Member; Founder, Together for Blue and Green; Co-founder, MENA Youth Network
  11. Olivia BINA, Principal Researcher, University of Lisbon; FWAAS
  12. Cezar BIRZEA, Professor SNSPA, Former Director of the Romanian National Institute of Education
  13. Zbigniew BOCHNIARZ, Prof, Kozminski Univ, Warsaw, Univ of Washington & Harvard Business School, USA; Trustee, WAAS
  14. Vesna BOJICIC-DZELILOVIC, Senior Research Fellow, London School of Economics and Political Science
  15. Irina BOKOVA, Director General, UNESCO (2009-2017)
  16. Betsy BOZE, Senior Fellow, American Association of State Colleges and Universities
  17. Mariana BOZESAN, Founder & Managing Partner, AQAL Group; Member, Club of Rome; FWAAS
  18. Marc BUCKLEY, Environmentalis, SDG Advocate, Ecological Economist, Regenerative Futurist
  19. Aleksandr BUGAY, Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (JINR), Dubna
  20. Isabella BUNN, Research Fellow in Governance and Global Ethics, Regent’s Park College, University of Oxford
  21. Francesca De CAGNO, Trainer for the Italian Red Cross, Italian Local Health Agencies, IACP Counselling Courses and IACP Emergencies Counselling Courses
  22. Frank VAN CAPPELLE, Global Lead for Digital Learning, UNICEF
  23. Chantal Line CARPENTIER, Chief, United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) New York office of the Secretary-General; Trustee, WAAS
  24. Stuart C. CARR, UNESCO Chair in Sustainable Livelihoods, End Poverty & Inequality Cluster (EPIC)
  25. Elif ÇEPNI, Professor, University of Karabuk Business School; FWAAS
  26. Pu CHEN, Institute for History of Natural Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing
  27. Nuno CRATO, Former Minister of Education (2011-2015), Portugal
  28. Claudia COSTIN, Former Senior Director for Global Education, The World Bank (2014-2016), Former subnational Minister of Education, Rio de Janeiro (2009-2014)
  29. Luciano Barin CRUZ, Professor of Management and Sustainability, HEC Montréal, Canada
  30. Adrian CURAJ, Former Minister of Education (2016), General Director, National Research Council
  31. Dora DAMJANOVIĆ, Project Manager Assistant, WAAS; JFWAAS
  32. Ligia DECA, Minister of Education (2022- present), Former Advisor on Education to the Romanian President (2015-2022), Head, Bologna Process Secretariat (2010-2012), President, European Students’ Union (2008-2010)
  33. Natalia Aguilar DELGADO, Assistant Professor, Department of International Business, HEC Montreal
  34. Michel DENEKEN, President, University of Strasbourg
  35. Piero DOMINICI, Professor, University of Perugia; Scientific Director, CHAOS; IPL UNESCO Expert; FWAAS
  36. Jelel EZZINE, Advisory Board Member of the UNESCO Science Report 2020; Ecole Nationale d’Ingénieurs de Tunis; University of Tunis El-Manar
  37. Ashley FINLEY, Vice President of Research and Senior Advisor to the President, American Association of Colleges and Universities (AAC&U)
  38. Fernando GALVÁN, Literary scholar and Rector, University of Alcalá, Madrid (2010–2018)
  39. Jerome GLENN, Co-founder & CEO, The Millennium Project; FWAAS
  40. Jonathan GRANOFF, Adjunct Professor of International Law at Widener University School of Law; President, Global Security Institute; Trustee, WAAS; Permanent Observer of International Anti-Corruption Academy
  41. Fadwa El GUINDI, Retiree Professor, UCLA; former Distinguished Professor, Qatar University; Trustee, WAAS
  42. Julianna GWISZCZ, Capacity Building & Engagement Lead—BRIDGES Sustainability Science Coalition, UNESCO MOST Programme
  43. Nozinhle Evelyn GUMEDE, Global Youth Leader, Earth Uprising International
  44. Anjum HALAI, Aga Khan University, Karachi
  45. David HARRIES, Principal, The Security and Sustainability Guide; Chair, Canadian Pugwash (2013-2017); Principal, HOLISTICS: Security Foresight; FWAAS
  46. Steven HARTMAN, Executive Director, BRIDGES Coalition
  47. Mehmet Naci INCI, Rector, Bogazici University of Turkey
  48. Yannis IOANNIDIS, Professor, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens/ Affiliated Professor, Athena Research Center/ Co-founder of the SDSN Global Climate Hub / ACM President
  49. Romita IUCU, Vice Rector, University of Bucharest
  50. Garry JACOBS, President & CEO, World Academy of Art & Science
  51. Sonja JOVANOVIĆ, Vinča Institute of Nuclear Sciences, Belgrade
  52. Ashley KAMAU, Future Sustainability Leader
  53. Raminder KAUR, Professor, University of Sussex
  54. Pavlos KAVOURAS, Professor National and Kapodistrian University of Athens
  55. Hyosub KIM, Student, Korea University, Graduate School of International Studies (GSIS)
  56. Donato KINIGER-PASSIGLI, Vice President (Social Sciences and Humanities), WAAS
  57. Witold KINSNER, Professor, University of Manitoba; FWAAS
  58. Armen Der KIUREGHIAN, Professor, Tohoku University; Member, International Science Council
  59. Vitalii KLYMCHUK, Postdoctoral Researcher, Université du Luxembourg; Vice-President of the National Psychological Association (Ukraine)
  60. Motoko KOTANI, International Science Council (ISC), Tohoku University
  61. Phoebe KOUNDOURI, Chair, SDSN Global Climate Hub and Co-Chair, SDSN Europe; Professor, School of Economics and Director of ReSEES, Athens University of Economics and Business; Trustee, WAAS
  62. Verna LALBEHARIE, Executive Director, EdTech Hub
  63. Daniel LANG, Professor, Leuphana University of Lueneburg
  64. Ivana LAZAROVSKI, Junior Fellow WAAS
  65. Sam LONI, Program Director, UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network, Research Associate, University of Oxford
  66. Philo MAGDALENE, Youth Mentor, Protect our Planet Movement
  67. Eden MAMUT, Director, Black Sea Universities Network
  68. Michael MARIEN, Senior Principal, The Security & Sustainability Guide; FWAAS
  69. Channing MARTIN, Global Chief Diversity and Social Impact Officer, Interpublic Group
  70. Mary MARTIN, Director and Senior Policy Fellow, UN Business and Human Security Initiative, London School of Economics and Political Science
  71. Colin MAYER, Emeritus Professor, Saïd Business School, University of Oxford
  72. Federico MAYOR, Director General, UNESCO (1987-1999)
  73. Sonia Gomes De MESQUITA, Deputy Chair, Board of SASA Setton
  74. Jonathan MILLER, CEO, Integrated Media Company; FWAAS; Advisory Council Member, Force for Good
  75. Hamza NACIRI, Junior Cybersecurity Consultant; Future Sustainability Leader, Masdar
  76. Marta NEŠKOVIĆ, Research Fellow, Institute for Political Studies, Belgrade; AFWAAS
  77. Nebojša NEŠKOVIĆ, Vice President (Science & Technology), WAAS
  78. Miloš NIČIĆ, Research Associate, Center for Cultural Studies, Faculty of Political Science, University of Belgrade, Serbia
  79. Olimpia NIGLIO, Professor of Architectural Restoration, University of Pavia
  80. Filip NOVAKOVIC, Cambridge University Land Economy; J.P. Morgan Incm. Analyst; Masdar & IRENA Sustainability Leader
  81. Joanna NURSE, Strategic Advisor, InterAction Council; FWAAS
  82. Andreia OLIVEIRA, International Development Professional, People & Planet Project, Instituto Marquês de Valle Flor
  83. Jivka OVTCHAROVA, Professor, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
  84. Maria PARADISO, Professor, University of Naples Federico II; Member, International Science Council
  85. Ketan PATEL, Co-Founder and CEO, Greater Pacific Capital; Trustee, WAAS; Chair and Advisory Council Chair, Force for Good
  86. Mila POPOVICH, Director General, Directorate for Interculturalism, Government of Montenegro; Trustee, WAAS
  87. Remus PRICOPIE, President, National University of Political Studies and Public Administration, Romania (SNSPA); Trustee, WAAS; President, World University Consortium; Former Minister of Education (2012-2014), Romania
  88. Janani RAMANATHAN, Secretary General, WAAS; Director, WUC; Senior Research Fellow, The Mother’s Service Society
  89. Maryam RASHIDI, Independent Researcher and Scientific Advisor
  90. Ortwin RENN, Chair, MASOS Working Committee, SAPEA
  91. Thomas REUTER, Professor, University of Melbourne, Australia; Trustee, WAAS
  92. Natalia ROJCOVSCAIA-TUMAHA, Composer, pianist, conductor, pedagogue, linguist, writer, actress, artist and sound director; MusiCaribe Project Internationa
  93. Luca ROLLÈ, Director, School of Specialisation in Health Psychology, Department of Psychology, University of Torino; Co-Director, Trauma Informed Care Best Practices Project
  94. John ROSE, Managing Director & Senior Partner, BCG
  95. Karim Ehab SALAH, Member, COP27 Youth Taskforce; Future Sustainability Leader
  96. Grant SCHREIBER, Global Campaign Manager, Human Security for All
  97. Ullica SEGERSTRALE, Professor of Sociology, Illinois Institute of Technology; FWAAS
  98. Madlen SERBAN, Former Director of the European Training Foundation; Sec-Gen of the UNESCO National Commission, Romania
  99. Aarti SHARMA, Coordinator, ClimateScience
  100. Iveta SILOVA, Professor of Comparative and International Education and Associate Dean of Global Engagement, Arizona State University
  101. Telmo SIMÕES, Intl Devt Professional, People & Planet Project
  102. Ivan SIMONOVIC, Chair, UN Peacebuilding Commission for 2023; former UN Assistant Secretary-General for Human Rights
  103. Rana P.B. SINGH, President, Reconnecting With Your Culture Asia
  104. Maria Teresa SINISCALCO, National President, Associazione Docenti e Dirigenti scolastici Italiani, ADi (Italian Association of Teachers and School Directors)
  105. SS SREEJITH, CEO, Global Institute of Integral Management Studies, Kochi; Director, WUC
  106. Thomas STELZER, Dean and Executive Secretary, International Anti-Corruption Academy
  107. Mark STEMEN, Professor, Environmental Studies, California State University, Chico; Faculty Lead, CSU Faculty Learning Community in Teaching Climate Change and Resilience
  108. Walton STINSON, Business Consultant, Founder and CEO of ListenUp, USA; FWAAS
  109. Tamara STOJKOVIC, Youth delegate of the Republic of Serbia to the UN; co-founder, Zajednicki Frizider
  110. Ayman El TARABISHY, President & CEO, International Council for Small Business; Deputy Chair, Department of Management, The George Washington University
  111. Nicolaos THEODOSSIOU, Chair, SDSN Black Sea
  112. Mariana TODOROVA, Futurist; Chair, Millennium Project Bulgarian Node; Former MP, Bulgarian Parliament; FWAAS
  113. Marcel VAN DE VOORDE, Professor, Delft Univ. of Technology, Netherlands; Trustee, WAAS
  114. Ben VERWAAYEN, Founder, Keen Ventures; Director, Ofcom; Advisor to the EU Parliament
  115. Vesna VUČINIĆ, Professor of Anthropology, University of Belgrade; FWAAS
  116. Ralf WEIß, Chair, 2N2K Deutschland e.V.; Member, European Expert Network on Culture
  117. Benno WERLEN, UNESCO-Chair on Global Understanding for Sustainability, Friedrich Schiller University; FWAAS
  118. Mark WEST, UNESCO
  119. Chris WILMOTT, Artist, Board member of Climanosco, Zurich
  120. Ralph WOLFF, Founder and Former President, The Quality Assurance Commons; Former President, Accrediting Commission, Western Association of Schools and Colleges; FWAAS
  121. Olena ZHUKOVA, Director, Maritime Cluster Ukraine
  122. Aleksander ZIDANŠEK, Jožef Stefan International Postgraduate School and Jožef Stefan Institute, Ljubljana; Trustee, WAAS
  123. Moneef ZOU’BI, Science Advisor of the InterAction Council of Former Heads of State; Trustee, WAAS
  124. Alberto ZUCCONI, Chair WAAS Board of Trustees; President, Person Centered Approach Institute; Secretary General WUC; Co-Director, Trauma Informed Care Best Practices Project