Human Security Webinar Series — Technology & Human Security

May 17, 2023

The purpose of this series is to focus on the emerging opportunities, challenges, risks and threats associated with rapid advancement and application of technological innovations, such as AI, digital communications, breakthroughs in the basic sciences, and global existential risks. 

The series is being conducted in support of HS4A, the global campaign on Human Security for All launched by WAAS in collaboration with the UN Trust Fund for Human Security in January 2023. The UN concept of Human Security initially encompassed seven dimensions of security — Community, Ecological, Economic, Food, Health, Personal, and Political. More recently it has been expanded to include other dimensions with emphasis on Technological Security.    

The first webinar took place on May 17, 2023. It provided a general introduction to the concerns of the Academy’s founders on the impact of knowledge and technology and our recent work on both opportunities and challenges related to Technological Security. This included issues discussed at recent HS4A events such as the 2023 Consumer Electronics Show, the Education for Human Security Conference, and the EarthX Expo. It also provided an opportunity for participants to identify other issues to be addressed in future webinars in this series.


Mila Popovich, Director General, Directorate for Interculturalism, Montenegro


Ivo Šlaus, Honorary President, World Academy of Art & Science

Garry Jacobs, President & Chief Executive Officer, WAAS

Ketan Patel, Chairman, Force for Good

Walton Stinson, CEO, ListenUp; Chairman, Prosource

The second webinar will address the rising level of enthusiasm and concern relating to advances in AI and the need for global initiatives to examine emerging opportunities, challenges, risks, threats, ethical issues and governance mechanisms in this field.