In partnership with World University Consortium

Global higher education is in turmoil. A huge surge in demand, soaring costs, and accelerated pace of social evolution provide a compelling need for more relevant, accessible, affordable, quality higher education worldwide. The World University Consortium was established in 2014 by WAAS and partner organizations to evolve and promote development of higher education based on new paradigm content, pedagogy and delivery systems based on a transdisciplinary, human-centered approach. This session will explore the mission, activities and plans of WUC and potential areas for future collaboration.

Remus PRICOPIE, President, World University Consortium; FWAAS
Alberto ZUCCONI, Secretary-General, World University Consortium

Irina BOKOVA, Director General, UNESCO (2009-2017)
Ralph WOLFF, Founder and President, The Quality Assurance Commons; FWAAS
Marcel VAN DE VOORDE, Director, World University Consortium; Trustee, WAAS
Olivia BINA, Principal Researcher, University of Lisbon; FWAAS
Kakha SHENGELIA, President, IAUP; Director, WUC; FWAAS
Lloyd ETHEREDGE, Director, Policy Sciences Center Inc.; FWAAS
Pavel LUKSHA, Founder & Director, Global Education Futures Initiative;
Yehuda KAHANE, Chairman & Co-founder, YK Center; Trustee, WAAS
Janani Ramanathan, Director, World University Consortium; FWAAS