In partnership with World University Consortium & in association with Global Leadership Project

The UNOG-WAAS Global Leadership project calls for development of post-graduate courses designed to equipped executives in all fields to better understand, navigate and effectively act in this rapidly evolving, increasingly complex global society. This session seeks to draw insights from the GL-21 research project to sketch a comprehensive perspective incorporating a wide mix of leadership strategies and instruments and to consider the practical strategies to disseminate the course globally.

Remus PRICOPIE, President, World University Consortium; FWAAS
Garry JACOBS, President & CEO, World Academy of Art & Science
Alberto ZUCCONI, Secretary-General, World University Consortium

Ralph WOLFF, Founder and President, The Quality Assurance Commons; FWAAS
Antonio de Araujo FREITAS Jr., Provost, FGV for Research and Graduate Studies, Brazil; FWAAS
Sue HENDERSON, President, New Jersey City University
Grazyna LEŚNIAK-ŁEBKOWSKA, Professor, Warsaw School of Economics, Poland; AFWAAS
Piero DOMINICI, Scientific Director, International Research and Education Programme on Human Complex Systems; AFWAAS
Janani RAMANATHAN, Senior Program Officer, Mother’s Service Society, India; FWAAS
Yehuda KAHANE, Chairman & Co-founder, YK Center; Trustee, WAAS
Pavel LUKSHA, Founder & Director, Global Education Futures Initiative;