This session will explore how to achieve practical system change through whole system approaches, including the role of both subjective and objective factors, the arts, science, values, organization, social consciousness and culture. It will include a discussion of the social process, catalytic strategies, and a systems-change map designed to highlight how people/groups can coordinate their efforts to optimize efforts to promote human development.

Frank DIXON, Founder, Global System Change; FWAAS

Julene SIDDIQUE, Socio-Systemic Impact Specialist, Laszlo Institute; AFWAAS
Nora BATESON, President, International Bateson Institute, Sweden; FWAAS
Nadine BLOCH, Training Director, Beautiful Trouble
Piero DOMINICI, Scientific Director, International Research and Education Programme on Human Complex Systems; AFWAAS
Barry Gills, Professor, University of Helsinki, Finland; FWAAS
Petra Kuenkel, Member, Executive Committee, Club of Rome
Rama Mani, Convenor, Enacting Global Transformation, University of Oxford; FWAAS (tbc)
João CARAÇA, Senior Adviser to the Board of Administration, Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation; FWAAS