The Mind, Thinking and Creativity project aims to consciously enhance our understanding of the characteristic ways in which we think, increase our awareness of the inherent limitations and blind spots generated by those characteristics, and develop the capacity to think creatively in a more comprehensive and integrated manner outside the confines of our existing conceptual frameworks.

“Our greatest achievements are products of our minds. So too, the existential problems confronting humanity today are products of the way we think.”

The human mind is the highest evolved status of human consciousness. The development of new capacities of mind made possible the development of tools, language, agriculture, permanent settlements, religion, trade, transportation, communication, government, law, money, arts, education, nation states, and scientific and technological research. So too, each stage in the development of civilization has shaped the evolution of the human mind and its faculties and the way they are applied in life.

Featured Events

A New Paradigm in


Apr, 2016

A new paradigm in human development must be based on a different type of thinking. Garry Jacobs presents on the nature of mind, its ways of knowing, the limits to thinking and rationality, mind’s untapped potential, and the workings of genius. A greater understanding of these is essential for creative thinking and …

Ascent of Mind and


Nov, 2017

WAAS launched a roundtable discussion to trace the evolution of the human mind and comprehend its incredible potential. Bringing together natural and social scientists, the program aimed to arrive at an understanding of the inherent limits to rationality and mental ways of knowing, as well as the extraordinary creative …

Conscious Thinking and

Human Evolution

Apr, 2021

Conscious creativity radically abridges time by catalyzing human evolution. As a follow up of its first roundtable, WAAS continued its exploration of the characteristics of mental knowledge and thought processes, the mental and social construction of knowledge, and types of thinking. The program was an …


The Academy endeavours to rediscover the marvellous capacities of mind as humanity has originally discovered, developed and applied them. To broaden the range and enhance the quality of our thinking, we should become conscious of the implicit assumptions and barriers that confine it within narrow boundaries.

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