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Grid Magazine

Can tech be a force for good? It’s complicated.

This year, the Consumer Electronics Show has partnered with the United Nations and the World Academy of Arts and Science as part of a larger campaign to promote “human security” — often defined as “freedom from fear” and “freedom from want.” The Human Security for All campaign is working to “cultivate collaboration and innovation across all industries, all countries, to improve the human experience.” Read more


CES technology trade show adopts social theme

Working to improve the human condition ultimately pays dividends, said Ketan Patel, a longtime Goldman Sachs banker who now runs the Force for Good Foundation. “If you add to the purpose of every tech company, all of a sudden you have a moral purpose, you have something that could be hugely profitable,” Patel said, “because your technology reaches a customer base that (previously) was not profitable.” Read more

Yahoo Finance

CES is Back and Thriving!

The products unveiled at CES 2023 tackle global issues such as access to clean water, food security, smart cities infrastructure, sustainable energy solutions, personal security and more. CES also featured the latest in accessibility tech, with innovation helping those in the disability community. Read more

Nikkei Asia

CES 2023 kicks off amid industrywide slump

As part of efforts to regain its magic, this year’s show is the first to have an official theme: “Human Security for All.” The catchphrase is meant to convey assurance of tech’s ability to address the world’s most pressing challenges. Read more

Media Play News

CES 2023 Ends With Higher-Than-Expected Attendance of 115,000

CES partnered with the United Nations Trust Fund for Human Security and the World Academy of Art and Science on the Human Security for All (HS4A) global campaign to foster food security, access to health care, personal income, environmental protection, personal safety, community security and political freedom. Read more

Sustainability Magazine

Report: tech investments will help UN sustainability goals

According to the Force for Good Initiative, the right sort of tech investments could reduce the cost of the UN sustainability goals by up to $55tn. Is technology the answer? Apparently so, according to a study by the Force for Good Initiative, “Technology for a Secure, Sustainable and Superior Future.” Read more