Trauma Informed Care


September 25-27, 2022

The Trauma Informed Care Best Practice Project  (TIC Project)

The costs of emotional trauma were staggering well before the Covid 19 pandemia and the invasion of Ukraine, now  the worldwide burden of trauma has doubled up.

The costs of trauma are systemic, trauma damages individual  and  social health and if untreated may be passed to the next generation. The high economic costs of trauma hit the trauma survivors , their families, communities and countries.

Trauma Informed Care Best Practices  are the scientifically sound procedures  that avoid the risks of retraumatization and can facilitate growth from trauma.

The TIC Project aims to educate,  train, support and empower for free all the different stakeholders around the world: thanks to the knowledge, acquired, they will be better able to apply its principles in their area of work. Our programs are specifically designed for the different stakeholders:  helping professionals, teachers,  managers, parents etc.

We are actively supporting  Ukraine;  the next totally free activity is a mini training and need assessment for Ukrainian psychotherapists is September 25-27, 2022  For information:

Dr. Alberto Zucconi
Person Centered Approach Institute (IACP), Italy
Dr. Maddalena Vagnarelli
Person Centered Approach Institute (IACP), Italy