Global society has been evolving for millennia toward convergence through a long, slow, trial and error process of subconscious change driven by the pressure of circumstances and events. WAAS has studied the principles and theory of social transformation, guided by growing awareness of the need and opportunity to direct our collective energies and actions toward a better common future. A successful transformation involves several elements: a goal that is widely perceived to be desirable or essential to meet human aspirations, an effective strategy or method for accelerating the transition, a change in organization, and a social process for rapid transmission, imitation, and adoption by society at large. WAAS’ theory of Social Transformation enables humanity to make the process of societal change conscious, faster and more effective.

“Social transformation is initiated by pioneers. But it acquires effective power only when it is backed by systems and fuelled by social aspiration and energy.”

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Social Transformation

& Limits to Growth

Jun, 2021

The pandemic and climate change have resulted in a convergence of understanding and aspirations of humanity. The conference co-organized with UNESCO, Moscow State University, and Club of Rome explored the need for coordinated global action to handle the threats to human security, and the key requirements for an effective response.

Culture and

Systemic Change

Nov, 2017

We need system change through whole system approaches. That requires a deeper understanding of the process of social transformation, identification of desirable outcomes, formulation of catalytic strategies, and designing a systems-change map that highlights how people can coordinate their efforts to promote human development.

A Trans-disciplinary Science

of Society

Apr, 2021

All the challenges that humanity faces today are a reflection of the inadequacy of current institutions and policies. At a deeper level, they are a consequence of the inadequacy of current knowledge. What we need today is knowledge that is holistic, integrated, and evolving with the evolution of society.

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