What is Human Security?

Human Security addresses all the critical issues confronting the world today, including peace, human rights, inequality, health, food, education, jobs, safe communities and personal safety, energy, pollution, biodiversity and, of course, climate change. It’s a flag that supports all 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals which 193 countries have already approved and rallied around. But it speaks of these things in a personal language which everyone can identify with. It’s a message that can rally widespread support for the commitments already made by national governments, UN agencies, communities, corporations, NGOs, religious groups and others to make the world a better, safer place for everyone. Read more on the campaign here

Security can no longer be solely concerned with national or military security. It must encompass all aspects of human wellbeing – health, food, employment, living standards, education, public confidence and social tolerance. Human Security is a broad conceptual approach applicable to all areas of development policy. Such an integrated approach can accelerate positive action to address threats such as pandemics and climate change, to coordinate and accelerate the implementation of the SDGs, and to enhance multilateral cooperation.

“Human security is a process that can and should be applied to enhance implementation of all socially-endorsed goals related to human rights and human development.”

Human Security is all about placing humans at the center of development. It is a unifying theme and force that serves as a core frame of reference to enhance the effectiveness of a wide range of high priority social objectives. Human Security must be established as a universal benchmark for effective development strategies in future.

Parliamentarians and Human Security

March 23-27, 2024

The 148th Assembly of the IPU in Geneva from March 23-27, 2024, will address parliamentary diplomacy, adopt resolutions on autonomous weapons’ impact and climate action partnerships, and include a session by the Committee on the Human Rights of Parliamentarians.

WAAS Talks : Science for Human Security

Feb 28, 2024

Introduction In August 2023, the United Nations (UN) General Assembly proclaimed the International Decade of Sciences for Sustainable Development, from 2024 to 2031. The task to lead the preparation and implementation of the activities within the Decade was given to UNESCO.

CES 2024: Safeguarding the Human Experience Through Technology

January 9-12, 2024

The Human Security for All (HS4A) campaign returned to CES 2024 in Las Vegas — the world’s largest technology event, with more than 140,000 tech leaders from around the world.

The world’s technology leaders converged in Las Vegas from 9-12 January 2024 to share the latest advancements across the tech ecosystem. HS4A hosted “Great Minds” sessions and “CES Research Summit” session featuring WAAS Fellows.

CES choses Human Security as its Theme

January 5-8, 2023

Launching on 5th January 2023, CES 2023 is the largest technology show in the world. It has partnered with the WAAS to showcase the critical role of technology in support of the United Nations efforts to advance human security around the world. For CES 2023, CTA introduced a new category of Innovation Awards showcasing technologies advancing human rights. The Human Security for All category includes eight new tech subcategories.

Global Campaign on Human Security for All

October 2022

In October 2022, WAAS begins formal collaboration with the United Nations Trust Fund for Human Security (UNTFHS) on a global campaign to promote Human Security for All (HS4A).  It promotes a comprehensive, integrated approach to security that encompasses all the dimensions of the 17 SDGs, including peace and human rights.

Human Security: Its Time Has Come

June 2022

Jonathan Granoff, President of the Global Security Institute, addresses the Rotary E-Club of World Peace on June 14, 2022. “Ask yourself every day: Is my love alive, true, generous, and open? How can I bring love into action?’ He asks. The Rotary E-club is an active community of peacebuilders learning about and advancing peace.

Children’s Artistic Perspectives on Human Security

June 2022

International Child Art Foundation (ICAF) in an arts organization for children that aims to bring about positive change worldwide. The September issue of its magazine Child Art, featured children’s perspectives on human security. Children painted in words and through artwork their thoughts on what makes them feel most secure.

Human Security: Practical, Urgent, and Necessary

September 20, 2022

Human security is the necessary framework for preventing pandemics, protecting the climate, rainforests, the health of the oceans, water, and topsoil, stopping the destruction of species and impairing the web of life we call biodiversity. Focusing security primarily on people is what is needed to eliminate the existential threat posed by nuclear weapons.

Trauma Informed Care

September 25-27, 2022

Mental health workers and doctors report that thousands of Ukrainian refugee children displaced by war are showing severe symptoms of psychological trauma. Trauma Informed Care project addresses this inter-generational global public health crisis.

Human Security & Multilateralism

June 19, 2022

WAAS conducted a special session “Human Security & Multilateralism: Formula for Global Leadership” on June 19th announcing the HS4A campaign to a distinguished audience of political, diplomatic, social and thought leaders at the Global Baku Forum organized by NGIC.

Realistic Human Security

November 30, 2021

World-renowned conservationist Jane Goodall and global security expert Jonathan Granoff discussed the role of individuals and states in obtaining Human Security at the Oxford Union Society.

Human Security and a Culture of Peace

December 6-8, 2021

This session during the 5th Future Education Conference explored the UN concept of Human Security which is designed to provide a comprehensive, integrated framework for understanding and effective action at the local, national and global level.

Global Institute for Human Security

February 18, 2021

An integrated approach to human security requires a revamping of prevailing institutional models for research, policy-making, implementation and coordination between public agencies and communities.

Human Security and Peace Building

December 15, 2020

This GL-21 session discussed the need for an integrated, comprehensive approach to human security that ensures everyone the right to live in dignity, free from poverty, want, fear and despair, with equal opportunity to develop their human potential.

Nuclear Weapons vs. Human Security

March 16, 2022

Deepak Chopra interview of Jonathan Granoff, Trustee of WAAS, on why nuclear weapons still exist and the need for a shift to a human security paradigm.

New Paradigm for Human Security

September 3, 2013

The problems of today are global in nature, but we have not moved beyond the nation states. Global Education and Global Human Referendum based on a new human-centred paradigm will deliver solutions to all the issues.

Featured Report

Cadmus Special Issue on Human Security

Cadmus Journal released a special issue in support of the HS4A global campaign. 

The intention of the report is to foster awareness and understanding of the concept of human security from a multitude of perspectives and different dimensions at the local, national and global level.

Published Articles

Other Recent News on Human Security

CES 2023 Collaborates with WAAS on Human Security

Consumer Technology Association, CTA, convened a press conference making Human Security the official theme of the CES 2023 held in Las Vegas on January 5-8, 2023.

Political Support and Inclusive Responses to Sustainable Recovery

Parliamentarians for Nuclear Nonproliferation and Disarmament (PNND) Intervention at the Parliamentary Hearing at the United Nations General Assembly Hall, New York City.

Inter-Parliamentary Union webinar on nuclear disarmament and human security

The Inter-Parliamentary Union, Parliamentarians for Nuclear Non-proliferation and Disarmament (PNND), the Geneva Centre for Security Policy (GCSP) and the World Future Council (WFC) organized a webinar on Parliamentary action to reduce nuclear risks and advance nuclear disarmament.

UNDP Report on Threats to Human Security, Feb 2022

New data and analysis in the report, New Threats to Human Security in the Anthropocene, shows that people’s sense of safety and security is at a low in almost every country, including the richest countries, despite years of upwards development success.