CES 2024: Safeguarding the Human Experience Through Technology

Las Vegas, USA
January 9-12, 2024

Technology and Human Security

The Human Security for All (HS4A) campaign returned to CES 2024 in Las Vegas — the world’s largest technology event, with more than 140,000 tech leaders from around the world.

The world’s technology leaders converged in Las Vegas from 9-12 January 2024 to share the latest advancements across the tech ecosystem. HS4A hosted “Great Minds” sessions and “CES Research Summit” session featuring WAAS Fellows.

Technological Innovations for Human Security |
Garry Shapiro

CES 2024, a global hub for innovation, hosted over 135,000 l technology and business leaders and 4,500 companies. The expo adopted human security as the theme of CES for the second straight year, emphasizing the essential role of technology in proving human security in fields such as food, clean air, water, healthcare, political engagement and personal privacy. The CES partnership with the United Nations and the World Academy highlights the importance of these issues. With a focus on sustainability, 4,500 companies at the event are actively working on solutions to ensure these basic human securities, including the recent addition of technology access as a crucial dimension.

How to Think Like an Innovator and Change the World

Great Minds session conducted by WAAS at CES 2024 for the HS4A campaign explored the role of technology in meeting human security needs and the challenges of sustainable development. The conversation was moderated by Garry Jacobs, President & CEO of WAAS. Panelists were special guest Amandeep Singh Gill, UN Secretary-General Envoy on Technology, and Megan Myungwon Lee, Chairwoman and CEO, Panasonic Corporation of North America, and a member of the Board of Directors of the Consumer Technology Association, host of CES. The session dealt with the importance of addressing technology policy issues, creating value for society, and ensuring a global approach to technology governance. It also focused on technology’s impact on peacekeeping, humanitarian operations, misinformation, and geopolitical issues. The speakers highlighted the need for collaboration between the private and public sectors, investments in digital public infrastructure, and education to make technological advancements accessible to everyone. They also stressed the importance of addressing societal implications of emerging technologies, such as AI, and preparing the youth for understanding and handling these powerful technologies through a socially-oriented educational program.

Technology and AI Building a Sustainable, Secure, Superior Future

The sixth report from Force for Good on “Technology as a Force for Good: Technology Driving the Transition to a Superior Future” was released at CES2024, by Ketan Patel, Trustee of WAAS & Chairman & Advisory Council Chair, Force for Good. The report addresses the challenges in ensuring Human Security for All through global cooperation and new technologies like AI and digital. Alongside industrial and energy technological advances, investments in these areas are crucial in the geopolitical context, with countries like US, China, EU, and India emerging as leaders. The report also addresses the potential implications of AI on various sectors, such as infrastructure, cybersecurity, and energy, emphasizing the need for responsible and sustainable applications. The other panelists of the session Walton Stinson, Director & Treasurer, HS4A Human Security for All Campaign; CEO, ListenUp, USA; Trustee, WAAS and Glenn Gaffney, IQT Executive Vice President, stressed the significance of human-machine interaction and ethical considerations in AI’s role in society and issued a call for international collaboration and education to mitigate political and social disruptions.

What are the Technology Needs for the Developing World?

In this discussion panelists emphasize technology’s pivotal role in addressing challenges in the developing world, citing its potential to fulfill 50% of the UN sustainable development goals. They stress the importance of self-discovery and personal development through technology access, recognizing infrastructure hurdles and calling for collaborative efforts between governments and tech companies. The panel also highlights artificial intelligence, emphasizing the necessity for human values and global cooperation to navigate its moral implications. The transformative potential of technology in education, healthcare, and finance is highlighted for its positive impact on personal growth and quality of life in developing regions

The UN Secretary General’s Envoy on Technology

The UN Secretary-General’s Envoy on Technology, Amandeep Singh Gill, addressed the technology leaders at CES2024 on the importance of Human security.

AI, godlike technology, the SDGs and urgent need for rules of engagement

Amandeep Singh Gill, the UN Secretary General’s Envoy on Technology, emphasizes the importance of technology governance in the transition from the Industrial Age to the Knowledge Age. He calls for initiatives like the Global Digital Compact and AI governance to address the digital divide and harness technology’s opportunities. Singh also highlights the need to transform medieval institutions to adapt to new technologies, including the AI divide. He suggests the formation of an AI advisory body and changes in incentive structures for better alignment with international institutions. Singh also highlights the need for investments in education, health, economic systems, and innovation to ensure everyone benefits.

Photos from the event

Tech for Humanity: Advancing Lives through Innovation | Oct 2, 2023

In this episode of CES Tech Talk, great minds from the worlds of diplomacy, finance, education and technology discuss how the aims of the UN-supported Human Security for All (HS4A) campaign can be tangibly realized. Hear from former New Zealand Ambassador to the U.S. Amanda Ellis and Jonathan (Jon) Miller, former chairman and CEO of AOL and News Corp Digital Media, as they detail how the tech industry can measurably improve Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) specified by the United Nations.

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