WAAS Publications


Cadmus is a twice-yearly print and electronic journal focusing on issues related to economy, security and global governance. It is a journal for fresh thinking and new perspectives that integrate knowledge from all fields of science, art, and humanities to address real-life issues, inform policy and decision-making, and enhance our collective response to the challenges and opportunities facing the world today.


Eruditio is a twice-yearly electronic journal for the examination of ideas and perspectives that fall beyond the purview of traditional academic publications. It is a multidisciplinary forum focused on the social consequences and policy implications of all forms of knowledge on a global basis. The vision of the e-journal complements and enhances the World Academy's focus on global perspectives in the generation of knowledge from all fields of legitimate inquiry.


Op-ed is a monthly newsletter containing short articles by Fellows of the Academy on current issues. This forum is a creative marketplace for exchange of new ideas, insights and perspectives.


WAAS publishes periodic Newsletters reporting on WAAS activities.