WAAS@64 Conference and General Assembly

May 15 & 16, 2024 and June 26 & 27, 2024 | Online

May 15 & 16, 2024 | Session wise videos

The Board of Trustees met for three days at the Academy of Athens in November 2023 to lay the foundations for the future work of the Academy over the next five years. At the meeting, the Board approved plans to conduct WAAS@64, an international conference and general assembly online on May 15 & 16 and June 26 & 27. A principle objective of WAAS@64 is to provide opportunities for WAAS and its members to identify and explore high-priority areas for future WAAS programming and to discuss organizational enhancements designed to support the continued expansion of the Academy’s program of work. We are pleased to invite you to participate in the event and actively contribute to the Academy’s growth.

Sixty-four years after the founding of WAAS as an agency for human welfare, the Board concluded that the original mission and values of the Academy are as relevant today as ever before. The accompanying paper “Origins and Pathways for the Future of WAAS” outlines the circumstances at the time WAAS was founded, its original mission, values and strategic objectives. The paper traces the development of its thinking and activities over the decades, reviews its recent programming, and identifies high-potential areas for future programming.

The views presented at WAAS@64 will help the Board create a framework of programs and activities in support of the UN SDGs, peace and human security for all. It will also help identify ways to enhance membership participation and engagement and improve organizational functioning.

Conference Topic(s):

  1. UN Summit of the Future
  2. Impact Initiatives and Strategies for Human Security and Sustainable Development
  3. Scientific research, sustainability, and human security
  4. Addressing Existential Risks: Threats and Solutions
  5. Harnessing the Humanities for Human Security
  6. Identifying Talent, Developing Individuality, and Recognizing Genius
  7. Root Causes and Remedies for Rising Insecurity, Social Unrest, War and Violence
  8. Toward a Transdisciplinary Theory of Change and Process of Social Evolution
  9. Social responsibility of science
  10. Science diplomacy to support human security & sustainable development
  11. AI: Emerging Opportunities &Threats
  12. AI Governance
  13. AI, Brain, Mind, Thinking and Consciousness & Human Development
  14. AI & Disinformation: Threats & Remedies
  15. AI for Education
  16. Promoting Latest Climate Research to Policymakers
  17. Innovative Technologies as a Force for Good
  18. Human Security for Policy makers
  19. Educating Business and Technology Leaders for a Sustainable Future
  20. Strategies for enhancing Peace, Democracy, Rule of Law & Multilateralism