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The universal human right to reliable information can only be achieved through responsible journalism free from political agenda, commercial incentives and cultural biases. The adoption of Global Charter of Ethics for Journalists by journalist unions around the world in 2019 based on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights confirms the importance and timeliness of this issue and calls for appropriate instruments to foster adherence. A global monitoring and ranking system prepared by impartial experts to evaluate the objectivity, neutrality and reliability of information from major news services could provide recognition to institutions with the highest standards and provide readers with valuable assistance in their selection of news sources – similar to the ranking of universities. This session will explore possible models and means for promoting global standards and measures for news journalism and social media as essential for protecting human rights and promoting effective decision-making, mature democracies and social cohesion.

Moderator: Catherine FIANKAN- BOKONGA, Senior UN Correspondent; FWAAS

Jonathan GRANOFF, President, Global Security Institute; FWAAS
Donato KINIGER-PASSIGLI, Vice President, World Academy of Art & Science
Hazel HENDERSON, Founder of Ethical Markets Media,USA; FWAAS
Peta MILAN, Director, Transcendent Media Capital; AFWAAS
Mariana BOZESAN, Co-founder and President, AQAL Capital, Germany; FWAAS