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The Anthropocene and the Noosphere are the two major paradigms that have begun to make sense at global level, yet they have developed mostly in isolation from each other. A balanced understanding of the global transformation will require the insights of both paradigms. This session will explore a paradigmatic dialogue between the two perspectives to construct an information society that is ethically sound.What is the best strategy to stress and invest more on information ethics? The most important questions when considering science, engineering and technology are: What do we want to do with them? Why do we want to do it with a specific kind of technology? How can we do this in a manner that enriches our lives?

Rodolfo FIORINI, Emeritus Prof., Politecnico di Milano Univ.; WAAS Trustee
Witold KINSNER, Professor, University of Manitoba; FWAAS

Ullica SEGERSTRÅLE, Professor, Illinois Institute of Technology; FWAAS
Piero DOMINICI, Scientific Director, International Research and Education Programme on Human Complex Systems; AFWAAS
Antonio de Araujo FREITAS Jr., Provost, FGV for Research and Graduate Studies, Brazil; FWAAS
Michael MARIEN, Senior Principal, Security and Sustainability Guide; FWAAS
Ibon ZUGASTI, Member, Board of Directors, The Millennium Project; AFWAAS
Carlos ALVAREZ-PEREIRA, Executive Committee member, Club of Rome; FWAAS