World University Consortium

World University ConsortiumThe World University Consortium was established in 2013 by the World Academy in association with eminent international institutions. The mission of the Consortium is to evolve and promote development of accessible, affordable, quality higher education worldwide based on a human-centered approach that shifts the emphasis from specialized expertise to contextualized knowledge within a trans-disciplinary conceptual framework reflecting the complexity and integration of the real world.

A shift is also needed from teaching mastery of a field of knowledge to learning that enhances the capacity of students to think and discover knowledge for themselves, from theoretical mastery to acquisition of knowledge, skills and values relevant to each individual’s personal development and career – an educational system better suited to develop the full potentials of social personality and individuality for productive engagement, social welfare and psychological well-being.

At the time it was established in 1960, the World Academy founders conceived the idea of establishing a World University and took steps to set it in motion by developing a mission statement, developing a management structure and Executive Committee, and establishing an initial set of operational centers in leading educational and research institutes in several countries. A precise record of history of the World University in subsequent decades is not available, but it was an idea far ahead of its time which could not be effectively implemented during a period when the world was divided by the Cold War. The World University Consortium established in 2013 is an initiative inspired by the original vision of the Academy’s founders and recast to in the light of current global challenges and emerging opportunities. The links below contain information on the original conception of the World University, which may be of historical interest.

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