NET-Reinventing Finance and Economy

Reinventing Finance and Economy

In this podcast series, Dr. Mariana Bozesan interviews world renowned investors, scientists and other personalities who share their solutions toward the sustainable transformation of our financial systems.

  • Innovative strategies to finance the SDGs
  • Reinventing money and economy for an equitable society and human wellbeing
  • Human centered economy

Are We Currently Fighting World War III?

Creating 100 Million Jobs Is Feasible

MSMEs as agents of GRIC

The Tao of Finance

Is a Conscious Society an Illusion?

Is Capitalism Failing?

Changing Finance and Financing Change

On Helicopter Money

A Transdisciplinary Approach to Sustainability

From Breaking up Monopolies to Deep Impact

Ethics: Beyond Good and Evil

Unleashing Your Inner Power to Succeed Fast

How to End Modern Day Slavery

Creating a Finer Future

3D Printing Our Future

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