Global Rule of Law Webcast on May 15, 2012

Proceedings of the Live Web Seminar on May 15, 2012

Global Rule of Law & Abolition of Nuclear Weapons 

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Hakan Hyden’s presentation

Winston Nagan’s presentation


Part I: New Paradigm for Global Rule of Law
The World Academy has been concerned since its inception with the challenges related to democracy, global governance, peace and international security. The evolution of international law and human rights represent crucial threads in the progressive development of global rule of law. This seminar explored the relationship between the social, political and legal dimensions of global rule of law in an effort to frame the boundaries of a wider approach to the evolution of global governance. It emphasized the importance of recognizing the collective sovereignty of humanity and proposed a new mechanism through which humanity can express its aspirations and exercise political power. 

Speakers Presentation
Ivo Šlaus Introduction
Winston Nagan Global rule of law
Emil Constantinescu The Rule of Law – A Fundamental Choice for the world Of Today and Tomorrow
Håkan Hyden Global Rule of Law – enabling factors and hindrances
  Discussion by participants
Garry Jacobs Conclusion: Sovereignty, Political Power and Rule of Law

Part II: Global Rule of Law and Abolition of Nuclear Weapons
Abolition of nuclear weapons is a core objective of the World Academy and has formed the basis for collaborative programming with other leading organizations dedicated to this goal. This seminar applied general concepts of global rule of law to explore the potential role of both states and non-states to change international law regarding the legality of nuclear weapons. The evolution of international humanitarian law, the linkage between nuclear weapons and climate change and the spread of nuclear weapons free zones present ample grounds for requesting the International Court of Justice to review its 1996 advisory opinion on the legality of nuclear weapons.

Speaker Webcast Presentation
Garry Jacobs & Winston Nagan Introduction
John Burroughs Moving beyond deterrence
Alyn Ware Abolition of nuclear weapons