Proposal submitted by The World Academy of Art & Science (WAAS), transnational organization founded in 1960, collaborating with UNTFHS on global human security campaign, including digital security. Together with the following non-profit scientific organizations: Person-centered Approach Institute, The Millennium Project, LUISS University-Ethos Lab, Athena Research Center, and Force for Good.

Additional Team Members Information

Richard Plotka, Director, Information Technology and Web Science; Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute –
Garry Jacobs, Executive Chairman, HS4A; President-CEO, WAAS; Chairman-CEO, World University Consortium; Member, Club of Rome; President, The Mother’s Service Society Research Institute
Sebastiano Mafettone, Founder, Center for Ethics, ETHOS observatory; Professor, LUISS Guido Carli University of Rome
Santo di Nuovo, President, Italian Association of Psychology; Emeritus Professor, University of Catania
Mariana Todorova, Futurist; Chair, The Millennium Project Bulgarian Node; Blockchain Decision-making Platform Inventor; Former MP, Bulgarian Parliament
Elif Cepni, Professor, University of Karabuk Business School; UNESCO Chair, Anticipation, Futures Literacy and Strategic Foresight
Agraniou Alì, President, Divers cites; designer, organizer of programs.
Mariana Bozesan, AI veteran since 1983, Founder & Managing Partner, AQAL Group; Member, Club of Rome –
Giorgos Giannopoulos – Research Associate, Information Management Systems Institute (IMSI), “Athena” Research and Innovation Center –
Manolis Terrovitis – Researcher, Information Management Systems Institute –

Consulting Experts

Ketan Patel – Founder Chairman, Force for Good; Author, Technology and Force for Good reports –
Walton Stinson – Co-founder and CEO of ListenUp; elected to Consumer Electronics Hall of Fame by CTA in 2009
Jim Hendler, Future of Computing Institute and the Tetherless World Professor of Computer, Web and Cognitive Sciences at RPI –
Jerome Glenn – Executive Director, The Millennium Project; Author of report “Work/Technology 2050: Scenarios and Actions”
Kenneth Stokes – President, World Sustainability Forum; Former President & Founder, Institute for International Innovation Management
Mila Popovich – Director General, Directorate for Interculturalism, Government of Montenegro; Co-Chair, The Millennium Project Montenegro Node; Futurist and Women in Blockchain leader; Member, Blockchain Special Committee, Division of Science & Technology Policy, Gyeongsangbuk-do Provincial Government, South Korea
Norma Patricia Muñoz Sevilla – Researcher and Honorary Mentor at the Protect Our Planet Movement
Latha Chandrasekaran – Research Associate, The Mother’s Service society, India