Integration of Art and Science is not merely an attempt to broaden the range of disciplines of its members, but to foster a marriage of the objective and subjective dimensions of knowledge essential for cracking the ‘genetic code’ of consciousness and social evolution. It reflects the fact that real knowledge is not arrived at independently from universal values. It is based on the realization that all human knowledge—that of the scientist as well as that of the artist and the theologian—is a social construction of reality and its efficacy depends on the values on which it is based and which it seeks to realize by application of what is known.

“There is no dichotomy between art and science: they are an integral part of the same nucleon; complementary like yin and yang in ancient Chinese philosophy.”

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Integration of Art &

Science in Higher Edu.

Dec, 2021

Art and Science are not two separate and incommunicable worlds, but two complementary branches of the same tree that can converse and converge with one another to generate continually evolving knowledge that is greater than the sum of its parts.


Art & Science

Feb, 2021

Exploration of the relationship between art and science as complementary forms of knowledge, self-expression, a dialogue with nature, culture and creativity and their implications for the work of the Academy in understanding and fostering a better world for all.

Art Impact 4 Health and


Oct, 2020

The exhibition demonstrated of how multidisciplinary artistic humanist approaches can be combined in the fields of health, education or social entrepreneurship. A process of co-creation and co-inspiration between various disciplines and expertise is accomplished.

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