Future Education – Videos

Speakers: Heitor Gurgulino de Souza, Ivo Šlaus,
Garry Jacobs

Education and the Future
Speaker: Keri Facer
Panelists: Heitor Gurgulino de Souza, Erich Hoedl,
Sesh Velamoor

Education and the Future
Speaker: Sesh Velamoor
Panelists: Pierre Antoine Barraillé, Erich Hoedl,
Stephen Yong-Seung Park

The Value of Values in Education
Speaker: Winston Nagan
Panelists: Pierre Antoine Barraillé, Stefan Brunnhuber,
Erich Hoedl, Stephen Yong-Seung Park, Janani Ramanathan

Process of Learning and Education
Speaker: Stephen Yong-Seung Park
Panelists: Stefan Brunnhuber, Keri Facer

Education of the Mind & Its Faculties
Speaker: Pierre Antoine Barraillé
Panelists: Garry Jacobs, Alberto Zucconi

Transdisciplinary Contextual Learning
Speaker: Janani Ramanathan
Panelists: Winston Nagan, Garry Jacobs,
Erich Hoedl, Ivo Šlaus

Person-Centered Learning & Development of Personality
Speaker: Alberto Zucconi
Panelists: Olga Melykh, Ivo Šlaus, Janani Ramanathan

Creativity, Innovation, Originality and Individuality
Speakers: Stefan Brunnhuber
Panelists: Pierre Antoine Barraillé, Olga Melykh, Janani Ramanathan

Education for Leadership
Speakers: Zlatko Lagumdzija, Tibor Tóth