Future Education – Faculty

Course Directors & Faculty

Course Directors and Coordinators

Goran Bandov
Associate Professor, International Law, Human and Minority Rights;
Vice Dean, Dag Hammarskjold University College of International Relations and
 Zagreb, Croatia

Garry Jacobs
Social Science & Management;
Chief Executive Officer, World Academy of Art & Science &
World University Consortium

Course Faculty

Pierre Antoine Barraillé
Financial Engineering; President of Praneo

Stefan Brunnhuber
Psychiatry. Medical Director and Chief Medical Officer, Diakonie Hospital, Germany; Vice-Chairman of the European Institute of Health; Fellow, WAAS

Keri Facer
Education. Professor of Educational and Social Futures, University of Bristol, UK; Fellow, WAAS

Heitor Gurgulino de Souza
Education. President, WAAS and WUC; Former Rector, United Nations University; Former Secretary-General, IAUP

Erich Hoedl
Economics. Vice-President, European Academy for Sciences and Arts; Former Rector, Wuppertal University and Graz University of Technology; Fellow, WAAS

Zlatko Lagumdzija
Computer Science: Former Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of Bosnia and Hercegovina; Professor of Competitiveness and Information Technology, University of Sarajevo; Fellow, WAAS

Olga Melykh
Finance. Lecturer, National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy; President of the Association “Young Generation will Change Ukraine”, Bohdan Hawrylyshyn Charitable Foundation, Ukraine

Winston Nagan
Law; Chairman of the Board, WAAS; Professor of Law, University of Florida; Director, WUC

Stephen Yong-Seung Park
Education. Dean, Office of International Affairs; Professor of Human Resource Management, Kyung Hee University, South Korea

Janani Ramanathan
Literature. Associate Fellow, WAAS; Senior Research Analyst, The Mother’s Service Society

Ivo Šlaus
Physics; Honorary President, WAAS; Vice Chair of IUC Council; Dean, Dag Hammarskjold University College of International Relations and Diplomacy, Zagreb: Director, WUC

Tibor Tóth
Nuclear Disarmament; Ambassador, Executive Secretary Emeritus, Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organization PC

Sesh Velamoor
Management & Strategy. Executive Director, Foundation For the Future, USA; Former President at Kistler-Morse Corporation, USA; Fellow, WAAS

Alberto Zucconi
Psychology; President, Person-Centered Approach Institute, Italy;
Member of the Board of Trustees, WAAS;
Secretary General, WUC