Reports to WAAS

Financing Our Future: Unveiling a Parallel Digital Currency System to Fund the SDGs and the Common Good

Stefan Brunnhuber

The Academy's project on Financing Our Future examines the feasibility of introducing a mechanism for sustainable financing of our common future and in particular, the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. The approach combines Modern Monetary Theory with a parallel, optional currency system, operating through distributive ledger technology. It is capable of filling the huge gap between SDG funding requirements and projected levels of government and private sector investment, utilizing smart contracts that ensure the money created is utilized only for specified purposes that will support a more sustainable future for humanity and a healthier planet. The full rationale and benefits are explained in a report to the Academy authored by the director of the project, Stefan Brunnhuber.

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Integral Investing: From Profit to Prosperity

Dr. Mariana Bozesan

This Report to the Club of Rome and the World Academy of Art and Science

  • explains how to become a successful exponential investor and self-actualize through Integral Investing
  • presents an in-depth and step-by-step tutorial on how to identify, screen, de-risk, and invest in exponential technologies
  • teaches entrepreneurs the secrets of building successful and fundable start-ups that address the UN SDGs within Planetary Boundaries
  • emphasizes the importance of small and medium enterprises in innovation and job creation using exponentially growing technologies to address the Global Grand Challenges

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