Youth Leadership Day

Global Leadership in the 21st Century
WAAS & PERMSEC of the World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates
December 11, 2020 – Virtual E-Conference

The Permanent Secretariat of the World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates and the World Academy of Art and Science (WAAS) are pleased to announce an online Youth Leadership Day. The event will begin with a plenary session, to offer youth from across the globe the chance to listen to – and learn from – leaders in the field of peacemaking. Following this session, youth will have the opportunity to participate in one of seven exclusive online workshops.
The workshop topics will cover human rights, peace education, science, engineering and technology, the arts, the economy, disarmament, climate change, and more… During the workshops, youth leaders from five continents will share their unique experiences, as well as present highlights of practical projects and initiatives they have started. The learnings from each workshop will be shared during the closing ceremony, and inform reports to be submitted to the United Nations.
Date: Friday, 11 December 2020
Time: 15:00 CET

Part I – Talks
Part II – Workshops
(best practices and experiences, practical outputs, future proposals)
Part III – Closing Remarks

 15:00-16:00 CET – PART I: Talks “New Culture of Learning and Leadership” Session Complete
Introduction by Mr. Garry Jacobs – President, The World Academy of Art and Science
Moderator: Ms. Ekaterina Zagladina – President, Permanent Secretariat of the World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates

  • Ms. Ingeborg Breines – Norwegian Peace Educator, Senior Advisor (The World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates), 2009-2016 President (The International Peace Bureau), Ex-Director of the Women and a Culture of Peace Programme (UNESCO)
  • Ms. Sarah Thomas – Director, Marymount School (Paris, France)
  • Ms. Marisol Achach – Director for Internationalization, University ANAHUAC MAYAB (Merida, Mexico)
  • Ms. Saskia Niño – Youth Leader (Reinserta, Mexico)
16:00-17:30 CET – PART II Workshops
WORKSHOP 1: Peace Education and Human Rights Session Complete
Moderator: Luke Adisson – Peace activist, Journalist, Youth Leader, Co-Author of the Book “Leading by Example” (Chapter: Youth Leadership and Youth Peace Activism), The Permanent Secretariat of the World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates

  • Ahmad Nawaz (Pakistan)
  • Jessica Dewhurst (The Justice Desk, South Africa)
  • Supriya Vani (Peace Activist and Journalist, India/USA)
  • Meron Semedar (USA/Eritrea, OYW)
  • Ioanna Demosthenous (Cyprus)
WORKSHOP 2: Science, Engineering and Technology: future design for thriving Session Complete
Moderator: Livia Malcangio (journalist, Peace activist, Author of the book “Being Nobel”, Italy)

  • Jonas Hereijgers (University of Antwerp, Belgium)
  • Vincent Bellinckx (University of Antwerp, Belgium)
  • Alejandro Dominic Thomas Pinot (Anahuac Mayab University, Mexico)
WORKSHOP 3: Arts, Sports and Media for Activism: information, imagination, cultural diplomacy Session Complete
Moderator: Mr. Paolo Petroccelli (EMMA for Peace Foundation, Italy)

  • Paolo Petroccelli (EMMA for Peace Foundation, Italy)
  • Farhana Munatic (Bangladesh/Australia)
  • Midori Kawano (Yogamarakata Project, Japan)
  • Ihab Darwish, Composer (UAE)
17:30-19:00 CET – WORKSHOP 4: Youth Leadership & Intergenerational Wisdom Session Complete

  • Pablo Quiniones (“Jornada de Derechos Humanos AC.”, Mexico)
  • Belen Quinones

Translator: Michelle Avaroma

  • Marymount School Youth Leaders (France)
  • Jornada de Derechos Humanos AG Leaders and “Misión: Resistencia Challenge” Project (Mexico)
  • Nondumiso N Hlophe (RSA)
  • Roza Cruz (“Jornada de Derechos Humanos AC.”, Mexico)
  • Samuel Koh (“Jornada de Derechos Humanos AC.”, Mexico)
WORKSHOP 5: Restoring Environment and Regenerative Wellbeing: energy, ecology, climate change Session Complete
Moderator: Ms. Camila Colistro (POP Movement, Mexico)

  • Ms. Ana Hanhausen (POP Ocean Initiative, Mexico)
  • Ms. Drishya Pathak (NADA India Foundation (NIF), India)
  • Ms. Iman El Mach (POP Movement, Germany)
  • Ms. Aoife Mercedes Rodrigues-Uruchurtu (UK)
WORKSHOP 6: Human Security: peace and disarmament  Session Complete
Moderator: David Gereda (One Young World, Director, Latin America)

  • David Santiago Cano (One Young World, Colombia)
  • Laura Ulloa (One Young World, Colombia)
  • Leonardo Parraga (One Young World, Colombia)
WORKSHOP 7: Economy and Employment: transforming wealth and welfare for human prosperity and wellbeing Session Complete
Moderator: Kekashan Basu (Green Hope Foundation, Canada)

  • Victoria Valikova and Karina Basharova (Health & Help, Nikaragua/Russia)
  • Alexandra Litkens (Health&Help, Nikaragua/Russia)
  • Mozamel Aman (Startupistan, Afganistan/Germany)
19:00-19:10 CET​ – BREAK
Music by Odino Faccia, Peace Culture Ambassadors from Argentina Session Complete
19:10-20:00 CET – PART III CLOSING CEREMONY Session Complete
  • Reports from Workshops (Moderators’ reports)
  • Closing remarks and announcement of GL21 Summit on Dec 14th & 15th


  • Ekaterina Zagladina (PERMSEC)
  • Mila Popovich (WAAS)