HS4A’s presence in COP28

COP28 UN Climate Change Conference

Dubai | 30 Nov – 12 Dec 2023

Accelerating Green Innovation | Phoebe Koundouri
Accelerating Green Innovation |Garry Jacobs
Accelerating Green Innovation | Katan Patel

Phoebe Koundouri advocated for the implementation of the European Green Deal, emphasizing the need for social cohesion and job creation in the green and digital transition. In our progress toward Agenda 2030, education and skills training in alignment with emerging demands of the job market are essential. Garry Jacobs highlighted the various challenges in implementing the 17 SDGs, particularly the challenge in communicating effectively, and the need for educating and equipping our youth to navigate misinformation and fake news. Ketan Patel stressed the crucial role of achieving peace in order to complete the transition to a more secure future for all. The capital and innovation necessary for the transition is available, they need to be unlocked so we transition from fossil fuel to a future that is cleaner, safer and more secure.

Skills of the Future: Shaping a Sustainable World

Garry Jacobs stressed the importance of integrating Arts and Science to address the needs of the future. Our education system must overcome disciplinary silos and compartmentalization, and take a trans-disciplinary and person-centered approach in order to effectively address climate change, govern AI and handle other challenges. He emphasized the crucial role of the arts in shaping a sustainable future by effectively communicating essential messages and inspiring collective action.

Innovating Climate Action

This panel discussion organized by Arizona State University underlined the need for addressing the challenges of women’s empowerment, interconnected crises and climate displacement. The speakers advocated for a holistic approach aligned with the UN Agenda 2030, and urged global collaboration and innovative financing solutions for effective climate action.