Dec 7, 2021

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The Academy’s founders were motivated by the realization that science and arts have an imperative responsibility to ensure that the creations of the human mind should promote the security, welfare, and well-being of humanity. The secular values of objective science and the human values of the subjective arts are complementary perspectives that need to be combined and reconciled in order to generate humane knowledge for sustainable human security and well-being. This session will explore the importance of values, ethics, social impact and social responsibility in higher education and seek to identify ways to more fully integrate these subjective elements into the content and pedagogy of all disciplines and levels of learning, with focus on fields such as AI, energy, healthcare, finance, and social political history.


  • Vesna VUČINIĆ, Faculty of Philosophy, University of Belgrade; FWAAS
  • Hazel HENDERSON, Founder of Ethical Markets Media, USA; FWAAS


  • Alberto ZUCCONI, Chairman of the Board, WAAS; Secretary General, World University Consortium
  • Lene-Rachel ANDERSEN, Author, Publisher & Economist; Member, Club of Rome
  • Yi HENG-CHENG, Professor, Tongji University, Shanghai, China; FWAAS
  • Janani RAMANATHAN, Senior Program Officer, Mother’s Service Society, India; Trustee, WAAS