Dec 8, 2021

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This session engages women leaders from diverse cultures and continents who are on the frontlines of dealing with crises of human development, conflict and climate change in their home countries and in the world. They will share their views regarding a ‘new paradigm for the future of education’ based on their direct life experiences in mobilising education to transform the crises and challenges they faced in their communities. They will identify ‘what is missing today and what is needed in education tomorrow’ to not only respond to but to transform those who are ‘left behind’ by the current paradigm: especially women, youth, minorities and disabled who are worst affected by poverty, climate crisis and youth, based on their specific contexts as well as on the global challenges we face as humanity today. They will share how they catalysed the transformative power of education in innovative, collaborative, co-creative ways—despite all odds—to contribute to human and planetary security, through their exemplary and collective women’s leadership.


  • Rama MANI, Convenor, Enacting Global Transformation, University of Oxford; FWAAS


  • Sujata KHANDEKAR, Co-founders, Grassroots Leadership Academy
  • Thais CORRAL, Founder of SINAL and School for Agents of Transformation
  • Pilar ALVAREZ LASO, Assistant Director General of UNESCO for Human and Social Sciences (2010- 2013); Head of UNESCO in Haiti and Uzbekistan
  • Zahira KAMAL, First Women’s Affairs Minister, Palestine; First Woman Secretary General, FIDA