Dec 7, 2021

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Since the first industrial revolution, our education system has been fraught with reductionist, siloed thinking and learning models and frameworks, which have resulted in disastrous outcomes for our living systems and planet. Living systems are a constant combination of multiple forms of communication and interaction between organisms. While it may be possible to capture some of the first order combination and communications in living systems and transmit them to future generations by education, the second and higher orders of communication remain unseen, inseparable, undefinable, and crucial to the trajectories and aesthetics of ongoing vitality. We can only try to capture them by co-evolving learning. This requires the inclusion of Arts in STEM and a commitment to step beyond our learned specialisations, open up to a world that holds space for paradoxes and contradictions as equally valid perspectives, and to empower a world based on reconciliation rather than compromise. This session reimagines a learning framework embedded in co-evolutionary living in the present, such that our current actions regenerate value into the future.


  • Rodolfo FIORINI, Emeritus Professor, Politecnico di Milano University; Trustee, WAAS
  • Witold KINSNER, Professor, University of Manitoba; FWAAS


  • Peta MILAN, Director, Transcendent Media Capital; AFWAAS
  • Ranjani RAVI, Associate Editor, Cadmus; AFWAAS
  • Grazyna LEŚNIAK-ŁEBKOWSKA, Professor, Warsaw School of Economics, Poland; AFWAAS