Dec 7, 2021

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In association with Inter-Parliamentary Coalition of Global Ethics (IPCGE)

The SDGs call for peaceful and just societies; however, the means to achieve that goal i.e. education for a culture of peace and the SDGs has not been specified and UN member states are left to their own devices as to how to bring this about. IPCGE has embarked on efforts to close this gap by promoting initiatives to achieve mandatory education on the culture of peace and SDGs at all levels of education in all UN member states. The session will explore the need for education on a culture of peace and SDGs and means to achieve this goal for future education and global leadership. How can we achieve education for a culture of peace and SDGs on all educational levels within a global perspective? How can we assure that future global leaders are equipped with the basic values of a culture of peace and the SDGs within the framework of higher education?


  • Shoshana BEKERMAN, Founder & Director, Inter Parliamentary Coalition for Global Ethics; AFWAAS


  • Jean MAX RAKOTOMAMONJY, former Speaker of Parliament of Madagascar
  • Wafik MOUSTAFA, Founder and Chairman of the Conservative Arab Network, UK
  • Rabbi ELIE ABADIE, Co-chair of the Sadat Congressional Gold Medal Committee; Senior Rabbi of the Jewish Council of the Emirates, UAE
  • Richard HELLMAN, Environmental Consultant; Attorney; President, Friends of UNEP USA and Middle East Research Center Ltd.