Dec 7, 2021

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The application of an integrated Human Security perspective in education is stymied by the extreme fragmentation that characterizes the present silo-based disciplinary structure of higher education. This session will explore the potential for evolution of transdisciplinary, contextual approaches to interrelate and unify disciplinary perspectives and transform abstract, theoretical forms of learning into terms more suitable for understanding and effective action in the real world.


  • Donato KINIGER-PASSIGLI, Vice President, World Academy of Art & Science


  • Moneef R. ZOU’BI, Director General, Islamic World Academy of Sciences, Jordan (1998-2019); Trustee, WAAS
  • Mariona CARDONA VALLES, Coordinator for crisis management and multilateral affairs, University of Catalunya
  • Chantal-Line CARPENTIER, Chief, UN Conference on Trade & Development, New York; FWAAS