Dec 6, 2021

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Higher education that began with a focus on a mere handful of subjects today offers more than 1000 disciplines and subdisciplines. Fuelled by the rapid accumulation of information, this multiplication of disciplines results in a progressive narrowing of field and scope of knowledge in each specialized discipline, decreasing the width and breadth of knowledge even in closely related fields. Over-specialization illprepares youth to understand and adapt to the ever-increasing complexity and interdependencies that characterize our age. Transdisciplinary perspectives, customized and personalized curricula, and contextualized knowledge are essential for relevance and effectiveness in our increasingly complex world. This session explores the contours for a radical shift in pedagogy.

Alberto ZUCCONI, Chairman of the Board, WAAS; Secretary General, World University Consortium

Peter SCHLOSSER, Vice President and Vice Provost, Arizona State University

Carol SPALDING, President, Rowan-Cabarrus Community College, USA; FWAAS

Ralph WOLFF, Founder and former President, The Quality Assurance Commons; FWAAS