Oxford Summit of Leaders

WUC was invited to present its vision of the future of global higher education to an international assembly of university leaders at the Oxford Summit of Leaders in Oxford, UK on October 13-14, 2014. In his address, Garry Jacobs highlighted the need for a new paradigm in higher education to address the multidimensional global challenges and the unprecedented intellectual, economic, social, technological and organization capacities now available to humanity. New paradigms in knowledge are achieved by unifying phenomenon that were previously considered separate and independent, as Maxwell unified electricity and magnetism and Einstein unified matter and energy. There is urgent need for leadership in thought and action to bridge the gulf between the university and the society, to unifying teaching with active learning, and the unifying theory in the social sciences with the realities of social life. Jacobs called for revolutionary ideas commensurate with the revolutionary social forces now acting to shape the future of education. Leadership in education is needed to provide educational leadership to society.