Art Impact 4 Health and SDGs

Art Impact 4 Health and SDGs

Organized by the World Health Organization and other international organizations in Geneva

Art Exhibit to promote healthier lifestyles

The United Nations Office at Geneva and the World Health Organization in Geneva organized the exhibition “Art Impact 4 SGDs and Leadership” from 20 to 30 October 2020 at the Palais des Nations, E Building, 3rd floor Exhibitions Gallery.

It was an exhibition of paintings, photography and sculptures organized on the occasion of the UNOG-WAAS Global Leadership 21 Project, by the United Nations, World Health Organization, UNGSII, UNESCO, UPEACE, WHIS, WWW, WAAS, Smile Train and Peru leading by French artist Isabelle Wachsmuth on importance of art to implement health (SDG3) and all SDGs.

H.E. Ms. Tatiana Valovaya, Director-General of the United Nations Office at Geneva
Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Director General of World Health Organization
Donato Kiniger, Vice president of World Academy of Arts and Science, UNOG-WAAS GL21 Project
Isabelle Wachsmuth, Artist and WHO Art Impact for Health 
have the pleasure to invite you to the Exhibitions Gallery,
"Art Impact 4 Health and SDGs" by World Health Organization

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