Türker Kılıç



WAAS Designation:


Primary Position & Institution:

Bahcesehir University (BAU) School of Medicine, Dean

Short Bio:

Prof. Dr. Türker Kılıç is a Professor of Neurosurgery and a Neuroscientist trying to understand the brain. Dr. Kılıç, who studied medicine at Hacettepe, neurosurgery at Marmara and neurooncology at Harvard Universities, completed his PhD in neuroanatomy. Prof. Kılıç was elected to the European Academy of Science and Arts in 2015 and to the World Academy of Arts and Sciences in December 2021. Prof. Türker Kılıç is the only scientist in Türkiye elected to these two important Academies. Since 2012, he has been continuing education, surgery and research activities as the Founding Dean of Bahçeşehir University School of Medicine and Head of the Department of Neurosurgery. Prof. Kılıç has taught as a guest lecturer at more than 10 universities, including Harvard Medical School, Yale, Milan Polytechnic and Johns Hopkins Universities. Kılıç has been deemed worthy more than 100 professional achievement awards, including the Scientific Research Award of the European Society of Neurosurgery in 1999 and the Tumor Research Awards of the American Association of Neurosurgeons in 2001 and 2005. Dr. Kılıç has performed surgical treatments for over 30,000 patients in total either with microsurgery or gamma-knife radiosurgery methods. In his educational as a mentor and dean, he has played a role in the training of 49 residents to become neurosurgeons and over 400 students to become medical doctors. Dr. Kılıç, with 40 H-index,has over 6,000 citations in over 200 scientific publications, is a major contributor to various brain surgery methods and the invention of the drug Glivec. He is the first surgeon, in using Gamma-Knife Radiosurgery in Türkiye and in initiating tumor-tissue bank and intraoperative MRI technique. In addition to his scientific researches, Prof. Dr. Türker Kılıç works on Medical Education and Science Education and his speeches about science and science education have been watched by more than 10 million people on the internet. Dr. Kılıç is the founding president of the Turkish Brain Foundation, established in 2020 and the Istanbul Institute of Neurological Sciences. Prof. Dr. Kılıç is the author of the book titled “Yeni Bilim: Bağlantısallık, Yeni Kültür: Yaşamdaşlık” , published by Ayrıntı Publications in February 2021 having 7 editions since then. Prof. Dr. Kılıç's autobiography titled “Beyin Nedir’den Yaşam Nedir’e Bir Hayat Serüveni: Türker Kılıç” was written by Mert İnan, and published by Epsilon.