Mila Popovich

Mila Popovich


United States

WAAS Designation:


Primary Position & Institution:

Director General, Directorate for Interculturalism, Government of Montenegro; Trustee, WAAS

Short Bio:

Mila Popovich is a Member of the Executive Committee at WAAS. She is also the founder of EVOLving Leadership –program, consultancy and community for transformational leadership on the scale of personal excellence, organizational development, systemic innovation to planetary pathfinding. As an independent academic, she is a humanities expert, systems thinker and futures consultant. She serves as a CPO (Chief Philosophy Officer) on board of multiple organizations, steering organizational visions and outcomes sourced in the highest values. An international lecturer and speaker, she specializes in ecological literacy and sustainability, value drivers of the new economies, peace and cultural diplomacy, new paradigm of human development and creative sides to future making. She is the Chair of the Membership Communications Committee at the World Academy of Art and Science. Mila is a Global Member of Protopia Labs and a Global Collaborator at the Global Education Futures (GEF) Foundation and a co-author of the GEF Report, Educational Ecosystems for Societal Transformation. Mila is the Co-Chair of the Global Blockchain and AI Council and a Founding Member of the Global Women in Blockchain. She is a Fellow of Vital Voices – Global Women’s Leadership and an Associate Expert on ethics and gender issues at the European Commission. As the proponent of eco-conscious business, Mila serves on the Executive Committee / Brains Trust of Hazel Henderson’s Ethical Markets Media. She is an Expert on the Gender Equality Impact Panel of the Katerva Award – the so-called “Nobel Prize in Sustainability.” Mila’s work is sourced in three major domains: systems sciences, the psychology of transformation, and anticipation and future studies. Mila delivers lectures and talks; designs courses and webinars; organizes fora and conferences; creates cultural events, and leads and facilitates workshops and transformational labs. She draws on her cultural range from native Montenegro and the resident USA for her artistic expression as a performing artist in multiple dance forms, bilingual poet and experimental theatre art director.