Jan Dobrowolski


Republic of Poland

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Short Bio:

Involved in Sustainable Development Goals & Lifelong Learning 50 years; transdisciplinary (life, social, technical, cultural aspects) international cooperation for solving global environmental problems by Common Action of Society and Experts integration of innovative biotechnology, human ecology, circular bioeconomy-driven sustainable development focused on a system approach to environmental/ nutritional health, protection of the natural environment (natural, culture heritage), sustainable design healthy buildings eco habitats ( greening cities, urban agriculture), adopted to different regions, climate change ( training experts promotion co-innovative Know-How for improvement Life Quality & creation green jobs in developing countries) supplemented from 2020 by adaptation Sustainable Development to COVID-19 Pandemic. Chairman of 15 International Conferences on Sustainable Development & Ecoinnovation dobrowol@agh.edu.pl Trained by Prof Goetel, worldwide pioneer of Sustainable Development Goals in Introduced transdisciplinary problems solving education in this field (life, social, technical aspects) at 1 National School on the Human Environment 1968, 1 International School on Sustainable Development Environmental Health Sustainable Labor Market 1973. Contributed to worldwide cooperation in this field from 1 United Nations Seminar Youth in Global Action Man and Environment in Geneva1971, president of 1 National University Youth Committee of Environmental Management 1972, youngest speaker 1 World Congress Scientists for Better Human Environment Kyoto 1975, etc. focused on sustainable management of the natural resources and primary prevention of environmental risk factors for human, animals health, culture and nature heritage, ( system approach, environmental biotechnology). Transdisciplinary schools, workshops on global problems of Sustainable Development for thousands of university students were integrated with the education of stakeholders in different regions for Promoting Common Action of Experts and Knowledge-based Society for better application progress of science and technology for improving environmental health, protection of nature and culture heritage and creation Sustainable Labor Market in Poland and different regions of the world.