Alexander Likhotal


Swiss Confederation

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Alexander Likhotal was the former President of Green Cross International (GCI). He holds doctorates in Political Science from the Moscow State Institute for International Relations (1975) and History from USSR Academy of Sciences (1987). In addition to an academic career, he served as a European security analyst for the Soviet Union leadership. In 1991, he was appointed Deputy Spokesman and Advisor to the President of the USSR, Mikhail Gorbachev. After Mr. Gorbachev’s resignation, he served as his advisor and spokesman at the Gorbachev Foundation. Alexander Likhotal is actively involved in furthering sustainable development principles as President of GCI. He has launched internationally acclaimed initiatives such as the Earth Dialogues Forum and Green Cross International’s global campaign for the Right to Water. He is also a member of the Club of Rome (Executive Committee), a Councilor at the World Future Council, Board member of the World Culture Forum and serves as advisor to the Club of Madrid. He has held academic positions at Northeastern University (Boston), the Institute of European Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Moscow) and Security Dialogue Journal (Oslo). He has authored numerous publications and articles on environment, global politics and education.