Adelina von Fürstenberg



WAAS Designation:


Primary Position & Institution:

President and founder of ART for The World

Short Bio:

Adelina von Fürstenberg is an international curator and independent film producer living in Switzerland and Italy. During her studies of Political Sciences she founded and directed the Centre of Contemporary Art, in Geneva. Later, she directed in Grenoble/France the National Centre of Contemporary Art (CNAC/Magasin) and its School of Curators. During her curatorship in 1995 of “ Dialogues of Peace” for the 50th Anniversary of the UN, she founded ART for The World, associated with the UNDPI, which first project “ The Edge for Awareness” for the 50th Anniversary of the WHO, was a large art exhibition on physical and mental health toured on four continents. After a serie of art works inspired by the UDHR, in 2008, she produced for the 60th Anniversary of OHCHR her first serie of 21 short films “ Stories on Human Rights” recognized by the Council of Europe as the “Best Cultural Event in Europe in 2008”. In 2015 she received the Golden Lion for “Best National Participation” for her curatorship of the Pavilion of Armenia by the International Jury of the 56th Venice Biennale and in 2016 she received the Swiss Grand Prix “Meret Oppenheim” for her career by the Federal Office of Culture. Her most recent accomplishment is the production with the auspices of the UNOG and the WMO of the long feature film Interdependence , 2019 with the participation of eleven international filmmakers having joint their forces to raise awareness on Environment and Climate Change.