Global Employment Challenge

Program on Global Employment Challenge
Access to employment is the most essential requirement for providing economic security to the world’s burgeoning population. This interdisciplinary dialogue explores theoretical and practical aspects of the global employment challenge, including its demographic, economic, legal, political, psychological dimensions as well as linkages with the international financial crisis, social stability, and terrorism.



  1. Full Employment and Employment Guarantees – Randall Wray, Nov 10 ’09
  2. The Blue Economy – 100 innovations – 100 Million Jobs – 10 Years – Gunter Pauli, Nov 14 ’09
  3. Innovative Strategies for Financing Full Employment – Bernard Lietaer, Nov 21 ’09
  4. Employment Guarantee Policies – Rania Antonopoulos, Feb 11’10
  5. Inclusive Growth Through Full Employment – Jesus Felipe, Oct ’09