Future Capital: Financing Global Development

Draft Agenda for WAAS Roundtable on the

Future Capital: Financing Global Development

The World Bank, Washington D.C. – September 16-17, 2019

The world possesses all the financial resources needed to meet humanity's material needs and foster wellbeing. Money is a unique human invention, a networking device to extend mutually beneficial human relationships in space and time, and a powerful instrument for promoting sustainable development and wellbeing. But the global monetary and financial system misconstrues its fundamental purpose and role in society and is underperforming and misperforming its intended role. A new financial paradigm is needed based on a fundamental change in consciousness and values. Format for this meeting will be brief presentations followed by moderated open roundtable discussion to maximize active participation and exchange of views among all participants.

Day 1 – September 16, 2019

8:30 am Registration
9:00 am Welcome: Craig Hammer, Garry Jacobs, Heitor Gurgulino de Souza
9:15 am

Overview of the Future of Capital Initiative

  • Background, Goals and Objectives of FCI
  • Reflections on the meeting at UN in NY.
  • Why Conscious Capital?
  • Types of capital and their role in development and wellbeing.
  • Evolution of money from individual trust to symbol of social power
  • The foundations for creation and multiplication of money.

Moderators: Lawrence Ford and Garry Jacobs

10:15 am Break
10:45 am

Innovative Strategies for Financing Sustainable Development

  • The role of financial markets in human development and social evolution.
  • Transforming financial markets.
  • Financing Climate Action Program and the SDGs.

Moderators: Steven Lovink and Mila Popovich

12:00 pm Lunch
1:00 pm

Digital Financing for Sustainable Development

  • New consciousness meets new financial currencies.
  • Financial innovations, new technologies and digitalization
  • Blockchain currencies and other financial innovations.
  • SDGM platform.

Moderators: Tillman Bruett and Stefan Brunnhuber

2:30 pm Break
3:00 pm

Bridging Futures

Special Panel with Lawrence Ford and Xiye Bastida Patrick

4:00 pm

Whole Systems Approach to Conscious Capitalism

  • Aligning global economic policies and financial systems with the 2030 Agenda.
  • Aligning social systems to promote real wealth creation and sustainable development.
  • Investing in effective democracy and business regulation.

Moderators: Frank Dixon and Lawrence Ford

5:00 pm

Open discussion

Moderators: Jerome Glenn and Mila Popovich

5:30 pm Closing
6:00 pm

Dinner – Chalin’s Restaurant, 1912 I Street NW, Washington DC 20006
Tel: 202 – 293 6000

Day 2 – September 17, 2019

9:00 am

 Theoretical Foundations for Conscious Capital

  • Limitations of prevailing economic theory.
  • Accounting for Externalities.
  • New Global Dashboard.
  • Reorienting economic strategy and financial markets for sustainable development & wellbeing.
  • Towards a theory that maximizing human welfare and wellbeing.

Moderators: Garry Jacobs and Pavel Luksha

Presenter: Hazel Henderson

10:15 am 


10:45 am

Systems Change Investing

  • Conscious Capital and Conscientious investing.
  • Sustainable Responsible Investing & CSR.
  • Multi-dimensional framework for investment decision-making—Economic, Societal, Environmental and Consciousness.

Moderators: Frank Dixon and Lawrence Ford

11:45 am

Business & Finance

  • Reconciling purpose-driven business models with public good and private profit.
  • Scaling business models that promote the common good.
  • Policy, regulatory and incentive structures to promote conscious capitalism.
  • Incentive structures for business.

Moderators: D. J. Martin

Presenter: Mark Meaney

12:00 pm Lunch
1:30 pm

Human Capital Formation

  • The special role of Human Capital in Human Development.
  • Nexus between Education, Technology and Employment.
  • Need for new paradigm in education.
  • Financing human capital development
  • Global strategies for transforming education.

Moderators: Pavel Luksha and Neantro Saavedra-Rivano

2:45 pm


3:15 pm

Making Capital Conscious

  • The Human Value of Money
  • Transforming intention into a global social movement.
  • Multi-stakeholder approach.
  • Envisioning a world in which Agenda 2030 SDGs have been fully realized.

Moderators: Lawrence Ford and Garry Jacobs

 4:15 pm

Initiating Social Transformation

  • The process of social change.
  • How social change can be consciously initiated.
  • Evolution of social power
  • The power of money and its relationship with other forms of social power.
  • Transformation of power relations
  • Multiplying money and social power for beneficial purposes.

Moderators: Paul Shrivastava and Rodolfo Fiorini

5:15 pm

Next Steps for Future Capital Initiative

Moderators: Patricia Klauer, Mila Popovich and Craig Hammer

5:30 pm