4th International Conference on Future Education

4th International Conference on Future Education

November 2019Belgrade, Serbia

Our world today is amazingly interconnected and full of new normalities which bring a profound level of complexity and uncertainty into all aspect of our lives. The global character of information, economy, governance and ecology present tremendous challenges. The increasing speed of information growth and technological breakthroughs, particularly the disruptive innovations of Industrial Revolution 4.0, are widening the gap between education and employment. Today’s youth need to acquire “evolutionary competence” based on knowledge and skills for jobs that do not even exist today. A new type of education—a new paradigm—is urgently needed to address the challenges and paradoxes of the coming age, capitalize on the emerging potentials, and transform possible threats into opportunities. WAAS and WUC are working in partnership with universities and other organizations around the world with this objective.

In earlier education conferences at Berkeley in 2013, Rome in 2017 and Rio de Janeiro in 2018, WAAS and WUC have repeatedly posed a challenging question: How can we create an affordable, accessible, world- class system of education open to the growing millions of youth seeking it. Insightful thinkers from different fields have already recognized the need for a radical paradigm change in teaching and learning, in order to meet the new normalities confronting modern society. The challenge now is the convert our new understanding into effective strategies and practical methods. The 4th International Conference on Future Education is being organized in Belgrade, Serbia in November 2019 in order to accomplish this goal.

The following are some areas the conference will explore:

  • ICT and hybrid education
  • Person-centered education
  • Active, collaborative learning
  • Creativity and leadership skills
  • Sustainability and inclusivity
  • Socially relevant research
  • Value-based education
  • Education for entrepreneurship
  • Full employment