CES 2024 will demonstrate solutions that show how tech can counter climate, healthcare, economic and other challenges.

Science for Human Security: Science Diplomacy. | Online | Oct 24, 2023

The event seeks to provide a platform for open discussions about AI, fostering the sharing of ideas and best practices to develop policies for implementing Human Security principles.

our world needs an engaged and committed alliance of global citizens who have authority and access to see these Must Haves and Must Dos are implemented.

CES hosted a joint event with the United Nations Trust Fund for Human Security and the World Academy of Art and Science at the UN global headquarters in NYC on September 18. During the event, they announced Technology as the new eighth Human Security Pillar.

Conversation with Charles Oppenheimer, examining the insights regarding the factors leading from the Manhattan Project in 1945 to the Founding of WAAS in 1960.

The webinar will examine Policy Brief on A New Agenda for Peace. This includes recommendations “to achieve more “effective multilateral action for peace and security, based on international law, for a world in transition.

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Proposal submitted by The World Academy of Art & Science (WAAS), transnational organization founded in 1960, collaborating with UNTFHS on global human security campaign, including digital security. Together with the following non-profit scientific organizations: Person-centered Approach Institute, The Millennium Project, LUISS University-Ethos Lab, Athena Research Center, and Force for Good. Additional Team Members Information Richard …

This webinar discussed how parliaments can incorporate the Human Security Approach into their work, making it a valuable resource for those seeking to foster peace, stability, and sustainable development in an increasingly interconnected world.