Yul Anderson



WAAS Designation:

Associate Fellow

Primary Position & Institution:

President and Founder of the African-American Future Society, USA

Short Bio:

He established the African American Future Society in 1995 and participated in United Nations 50th Anniversary Summit meetings. He was a member of the Global Commission to Fund the United Nations and wrote for African profiles magazine while covering the news story of the African – African American Summit meetings convened by the late Revered Leon Sullivan and covered the war in Sierra Leone. Mr. Anderson lived six years in Kenya, consulting with parliamentarians and those seeking office in Kenya. He also provides consulting services to businesses in the US and Africa. Mr. Anderson is concerned about the future of Black America and Africa; and how futures research connects the world. He has provided futures workshops and lectured at Universities, World Future Society, Blacks in Government, the National Forum of Black Public Administrators and co-facilitated a workshop with the Millennium Project, and convened a futures workshop with UNESCO and the IMF.