Sergio Scapagnini



WAAS Designation:

Associate Fellow

Primary Position & Institution:

President of Indrapur Cinematografica

Short Bio:

Founder and president of the production company which was established with the goal of creating audiovisual materials for ethic and social justice awareness. The production company often operates abroad producing and coproducing both feature length films and documentaries for which it has received numerous awards and international recognition for the artistic quality and social commentary. Some of the films made and produced include: “Fire at My Heart” (feature length film, 2005), given the award for Cultural Dialogue in Film at the Venice Film Festival, 2005; “Impermanence” (2004), a documentary about His Holiness the XIV Dalai Lama, who presented the film himself in New Delhi in April 2005; “It Will Be a Country” (feature length documentary, 2014), sponsored by Unicef and made the representative work for the 25th anniversary of the Declaration of the Rights of the Child signed by the United Nations. In production 2015: “Lala” (feature length film, Italian-Indian coproduction), the story of an Indian child, inspired by a true story.