Piero Dominici



WAAS Designation:


Primary Position & Institution:

Associate Professor and Scientific Director, International Research and Education Programme on Complex Human Adaptive Organizations and Systems - CHAOS (2011)

Short Bio:

Prof. Piero Dominici, Associate Professor at University of Perugia, is Sociologist and Philosopher, Educator and Systems Thinker; he is Scientific Director of the International Research and Education Programme CHAOS on Complex Human Adaptive Organizations & Systems. Fellow of the World Academy of Art & Science, Vice President of the World Complexity Science Academy, he is UNESCO IPL Expert, Official Delegate to UNESCO & UN expert and invited speaker. PhD in “Social Theory and Research” (Sapienza University of Rome), he teaches Education Towards Complexity and Unpredictability, Sociology of Social Complexity, Public Communication, Sociology of Culture and Communication and Intelligence, Networks, and Complex Systems at the University of Perugia. As scientific researcher, educator, author and international speaker, his main areas of expertise and interest encompass (Hyper)complexity, Transforming Education, Paradigm Shift, Transdisciplinarity, Complex Systems and Knowledge Sharing. For over twenty-five years, in addition to teaching and striving to rethink and reinvent education, he has been conducting scientific research in the fields of Education, Systems Theory, Technology, Innovation, Intelligence, Human Security, Citizenship and Communication.