Ivo Šlaus

Ivo Šlaus


Republic of Croatia

WAAS Designation:


Primary Position & Institution:

Professor Emeritus and President South East European Division of WAAS, Ruder Boskodic Institute

Short Bio:

Ivo Šlaus, honorary president World Academy Art & Science (since 2013, 2011-2013 president, chairman Board of Trustees 2011, fellow 1994), professor of physics (1967: UCLA, Georgetown, Duke, Kyoto, Amsterdam), professor of diplomacy and International relations (2015), chair ‘Open to the World’ European Commission RISE High-Level Advisory Council (2016), member Pugwash Council (since 2003), honorary member Club of Rome (2017, member 1987), member Academia Europaea (1988), Croatian Academy Sciences & Arts (1977), corresponding member Montenegrin and Macedonian Academies Sciences & Arts (2006), member of the European Leadership Network (2010). Member Croatian Parliament (2000-2003).President Croatian Social-democratic Party Council – Zagreb and member of the General Council. Secretary-General and cofounder Croatian Movement for Democracy. Research: nuclear, particle, and medical physics, science policy, sustainable development, and human capital. Publications: monographs 11, books 5, articles over 400, citations over 4,000.