Alberto Zucconi

Alberto Zucconi


Republic of Italy

WAAS Designation:


Primary Position & Institution:

President, Person Centered Approach Institute (IACP); Chair, Board of Trustees, World Academy of Art and Science (WAAS)

Short Bio:

Alberto Zucconi is a psychologist, psychotherapist, educator, trainer, and consultant. He is the President of the Person-Centred Approach Institute (IACP), a non-profit international organization, co-founded with Carl Rogers and Charles Devonshire and dedicated to research in human behaviour, the promotion of health, and the training of professionals. IACP is a World Health Organization (WHO) Collaborating Centre for research, training and consulting in Health Promotion at the workplace in Italy and the Host Institution for the SOLVE programs of the International Labour Office (ILO) in Italy. He is one of the Board of Directors of Sustainability University, Santa Fé, New Mexico, Co-founder and Co-Director of World Sustainability Forum, Member of the Global Clinical Practice Network, World Health Organization (WHO), External scientific advisor of the European Office for Investment for Health and Development (WHO/EURO). Alberto Zucconi was a faculty member of the Western Behavioural Science Institute (WBSI) in La Jolla, CA., and is a fellow of the International Leadership Forum (ILF), an online global think-thank, a senior staff member of the Carl Rogers’ Peace Institute that has organized with the United Nations University for Peace cross-cultural communication and conflict resolution meetings with heads of state and diplomats. He has been working internationally for 35 years as a trainer, lecturer and consultant for public and private organizations and is currently teaching Client Centred Therapy and the Person-Centred Approach, at the post-graduate level at the University of Siena (Italy), faculty of medicine. He is a clinical psychologist, a former student, and collaborator of the late Dr. Carl Rogers, one of the founding fathers of Humanistic Psychology and originator of the Client-Centred Therapy and the Person-Centered Approach, a scientifically formulated paradigm that has impacted the fields of psychology, education, and management. He has authored several articles and books focused on psychology, psychotherapy, and health promotion and designed and directed various research projects.