Catalytic   Strategies   for   Conscious   Social Transformation: Leadership in Thought.

Edited by Garry Jacobs, Ivo Slaus, Juri Engelbrecht and Alberto Zucconi with contributions by 30 Fellows of WAAS. Cambridge Scholars Publishing 2023, UK

A collection of essays originally published in Cadmus Journal examines a decade of thought and work by 30 WAAS Fellows on global challenges of unprecedented magnitude, intensity, and complexity related to peace, human security, multilateralism, economic theory, financial innovation, democracy, governance, human rights, and law. Two concluding articles trace the evolution of the Academy since its inception and the quest for a conception of reliable knowledge that transcends the limitations of conventional disciplinary silos and integrates the objective perspectives of science with the subjective insights of the arts, humanities, and universal values.

Cadmus Special Issue on Human Security Part 2

 Cadmus Journal published a special issue on Human Security in August 2023 in connection with the Human Security for All (HS4A) Campaign being conducted by WAAS and the UN Trust Fund for Human Security. The thought-provoking articles, insightful analysis, and compelling narratives in this issue are intended to deepen our understanding of the challenges and possibilities inherent in securing the well-being of individuals and communities around the world. They cover topics ranging from poverty alleviation and sustainable development to gender equality, peacebuilding, and environmental sustainability. They offer unique perspectives and valuable insights into the complex interplay of forces that shape human security. Click here to access the issue.